What We Can Offer

Always Fresh

Prepared fresh and made with quality ingredients, our Fresh Salads are crisp and delicious.

Premium Cafe

All of our coffees are made from 100% premium freshly ground Arabica beans from the best around the world.

Healthy Products

With Juice-a-lot we promise that our juices are never processed, never watered down, and always 100% natural.

Catering Services

Crepeaholic’s brand is always at the forefront of festivals and events. We are enthusiastically pushing our brand to be recognized by the masses!
  • Kingdom of Jordan Jiu-Jitsu Championship
  • Motor Festival – Amman, Jordan
  • Moments Festival – Amman, Jordan
  • Souk Jara – Amman, Jordan
  • German Jordanian University – Open day
  • Petra University – Open day
  • The International Academy – Amman, Funday
  • Baccalaureate school – Amman, Open day
  • New English school election’s day
  • Many private birthday, graduation and engagement parties

For Private events, please contact us

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